Meet Colleen Cohn

Colleen Cohn | Owner Coleena Bobeena Inspired Designer JewelryI was a single mom to a beautiful two-year-old little girl when I ended my career as a court reporter to pursue my newly-realized passion for making beaded jewelry. It was 2002 and I remember feeling that there were just too many signs, too many variables showing me that I must take that leap of faith.

I came to realize so much in taking that leap. The road to healing and self-discovery is not paved with yellow bricks; for me, it is paved with Gemstones, Swarovski Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, laughter, courage, and unyielding faith. What began as an escape, evolved into an artful expression speaking volumes to the adage “Life imitates Art”.

The creation of jewelry is symbolic of what should happen after a ‘tornado’ has moved into the path of one’s home: Pick up the pieces, mold, twist, and shape to create something spectacular, stronger, and even more beautiful than with what one began.

Today, you'll find me happily married and relocated in a quiet rural town in Ohio.

My jewelry offerings have evolved as well. I use a broader range of materials which still includes the Swarovski® Crystal embellishments, gemstones, and freshwater pearls that we were known for, but now you'll also find the surprise addition of a vintage element or the charm of a vintage craft application. While jewelry is still the primary way I express my art, it is no longer the only way I showcase it.